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Contributing to the Economic Prosperity of Casa Grande

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Project Background


Chang Chun (Arizona) LLC (CCAZ) is building a new high-quality electronic grade chemical manufacturing facility in an industrial corridor within the City of Casa Grande, Pinal County. This facility will be a keystone in the supply chain for the continued expansion of semiconductor manufacturing in the Phoenix Metro Area. The materials that CCAZ will produce locally are used in the development of microchips.

The CCAZ site will be developed in phases to support fabrication of semiconductor wafers in Arizona and across the United States. The first phase of the facility is anticipated to be operational by first quarter 2023. The development of the CCAZ facility will support improvements in surrounding road, rail, and utility infrastructure that will enhance economic opportunities in the future for Casa Grande and Pinal County.

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Economic Development,
Job Creation, and Tax Revenue

The development and operations of CCAZ will create economic benefits for Casa Grande and Pinal County. The CCAZ project will make significant capital investment and generate new jobs that will provide economic and tax benefits and revenue throughout the region.

The company will create new, permanent, high-paying, advanced manufacturing jobs. Based on independent analysis, the CCAZ project will create permanent jobs for engineers, equipment operators, pump operators, managers, supervisors, and administrative staff.

In addition to the creation of permanent jobs, this project is will generate a number of project-based jobs over the phased construction schedule. These construction jobs are also expected to bring a positive economic impact to the region.

Indirect jobs will be supported through demand for other local businesses based on supplier purchases, new housing demand, and consumer spending. CCAZ is also interested in supporting local job development programs and regional safety training.

Capital Investment

The CCAZ project will make substantial capital investment to the region and generate tax revenue to county, city, school districts, and other special districts.

In addition, CCAZ will invest in utility and rail infrastructure that will benefit not only the company but will also support future business development in the western industrial area of Casa Grande. All infrastructure investment put in place as part of this project will foster additional related economic development activity throughout the Arizona Innovation and Technology Corridor.

Our Story

Computer Chip

Chang Chun Group was established in 1949 in Taipei, Taiwan and is one of the leading chemical companies in Taiwan with around $8 billion in annual revenue in 2020.

Besides Taiwan, Chang Chun has also expanded its production footprint to China, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore, manufacturing more than one hundred types of products including chemicals, synthetic resin, thermosetting plastics, high-performance engineering plastic, electronic materials, and semiconductor chemicals.

Innovation has been a primary focus of Chang Chun Group with 10% of its workforce dedicated to R&D activity. As a result, Chang Chun Group has emerged as a leading global manufacturer by relying on self-developed products, such as copper foil, PBT engineering plastics, polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), 1,4-butanediol (1,4-BDO), VAE emulsion, epoxy resins, EVOH, and allyl alcohol. Additionally, Chang Chun Group has also developed a solid vertically and horizontally integrated product chain which further strengthens the group’s competitiveness in the market.

Ultra-pure chemical is at the core of business for Chang Chun Group. Chang Chun is the biggest wet chemicals and Litho-chemicals supplier for semiconductor industry in Taiwan and, as a result, is investing in a chemical manufacturing plant to service semiconductor manufacturers in USA as well. Investing in the United States will allow Chang Chun Group to bring manufacturing capabilities to Arizona, which will assist the United States in advancing its goal of cultivating advanced semiconductor manufacturing capabilities domestically.

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